Pacific Offshore Wind

The Future of Clean Energy on the West Coast

Clean. Abundant. Reliable.

Offshore wind is…

  • A clean and abundant source of 100% carbon-free electricity.
  • A job creator for rural and coastal communities.
  • A reliable and affordable energy source essential to meeting our energy needs.
  • A scalable technology that can help America reach its clean energy goals.

Unlocking the power of offshore wind in California and Oregon is critical to achieving the states’ goals of 100% clean energy by 2045 and 2040 respectively. California foresees that offshore wind will provide 13% of the state’s power supply by generating 25 GW by 2045. Additionally, the federal government has set a goal of deploying 15 GW of floating offshore wind by 2035, which builds on the Biden-Harris Administration goals of a net zero emissions economy by no later than 2050.


Floating Offshore Wind Technology

Floating offshore wind turbines enable us to capture wind energy further from shore and in deeper waters than fixed-bottom offshore wind. Offshore wind turbines are installed on floating foundations anchored to the sea floor with mooring cables. Subsea electric cables carry electricity from turbines to shore.

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Delivering More Than Clean Energy

The development of offshore wind will generate significant economic activity in local communities. For example, in California, the first offshore wind projects will:

Once constructed, 100% clean, carbon-free offshore wind energy will affordably power millions of homes in communities up and down the West Coast, supplementing other renewable energy sources to create a diverse portfolio of clean energy that can reliably transition the Western United States away from fossil fuels while meeting rising electricity demand.

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